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Strategic Formulation, Planning & Organisational Cascade

Key Benefits

  • Business growth & sustainability

  • Organisational alignment to business aspirations

  • Improved decision making to best utilise resource and budget

  • Business shift from reactive to proactive

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Why is it important?

Picture this scene. You're sitting in a car with your partner and friends. The driver has a rough idea of where they want to go but hasn't consulted a map, there is no sat nav and none of you have ever been to this place before.
No worries lets set off set off anyway!

You can imagine the how this ends - U-turns in the road, car runs out fuel, recovery costs, sleeping in a lay-by, frustration, loss of confidence and trust, loss of friendship, disaster!

OK slightly dramatic but, according to a study of over 1000 small businesses found that 65% of SMEs only plan 1 year ahead (or less). This disproportionate focus on the short term can pose significant risks to business productivity, growth, customer satisfaction and ultimately the business sustainability.

How will you ensure everyone within the organisation is oriented towards and contributing to one clear vision?

How can we help you?

We know that as a SME director, long term planning is always on your mind but the day job can be consuming, stressful and full of fire fighting, and for this reason BPO has designed a programme to cater to the needs of SME businesses.

Our strategic formulation, planning and implementation programme initially focuses on to stabilising the business environment and unlocking senior management capacity in preparation for strategy work, allowing the breathing space to think strategically.

We will then facilitate your strategic formulation, planning journey ensuring everyone within the organisation is aligned to and contributing towards achieving the organisation mission and vision of success.

Need a different service?

All our services are modular and can be tailored to your needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us directly.

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