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Strategic Formulation, Planning & Organisational Cascade

Key Benefits

Business growth & sustainability

Organisational alignment to business aspirations

Improved decision making to best utilise resource and budget

Business shift from reactive to proactive

Why is it important?

Picture this scene. You're sitting in a car with your partner and friends. The driver has a rough idea of where they want to go but hasn't consulted a map, there is no sat nav and none of you have ever been to this place before.
No worries lets set off set off anyway!

You can imagine the how this ends - U-turns in the road, car runs out fuel, recovery costs, sleeping in a lay-by, frustration, loss of confidence and trust, loss of friendship, disaster!

OK slightly dramatic but, according to a study of over 1000 small businesses found that 65% of SMEs only plan 1 year ahead (or less). This disproportionate focus on the short term can pose significant risks to business productivity, growth, customer satisfaction and ultimately the business sustainability.

How will you ensure everyone within the organisation is oriented towards and contributing to one clear vision?

How can we help you?

As an SME director, you know the importance of long-term planning, but the daily demands of running a business can be overwhelming. We understand the challenges you face, which is why we have developed a strategic formulation, planning and organisation cascade programme, which is tailored to the needs of SME business.​

Strategy Formulation and planning…​

We will guide you through our proven strategic formulation process to develop an evidenced based, testable and measurable strategy, and support you to develop actionable initiatives that drive tangible results. Our systematic, four phased approach takes a holistic view, ensuring critical aspects of your business are understood, optimised and aligned to realise the vision, mission and organisation objectives. ​

So, why holistic? A holistic organisational strategy provides a framework for comprehensive decision-making, promotes alignment and collaboration, enhances efficiency and effectiveness, and enables adaptability and long-term sustainability. It helps you navigate complexity, capitalise on opportunities, and achieve your desired outcomes in a systematic and integrated manner.​

As part of Strategy Formulation and planning, we will support you to:​

Understand and assess your current state, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.​

Define your desired goals, objectives, and timelines.​

Develop a unique and imitable strategy to achieve your long-term ambitions.​

Plan the detailed steps required to reach your goals over a 12-month period.​

Strategy Cascade…​

We acknowledge that successful strategy execution requires more than good intentions; it demands a comprehensive approach that aligns your teams, establishes clear accountability, and monitors progress at every step. Working closely with you, we will develop a robust execution framework tailored specifically to your organisation's unique needs. Our objective is to ensure that everyone in your organisation is aligned and working towards the business mission and vision for success. This crucial step bridges the gap between strategy and execution.​

Don't let your competitors outpace you. Contact us today and together, we'll unleash your organisation's full potential, propelling you ahead of the competition and solidifying your position as an industry leader. ​

Trust us to facilitate the development of your strategy, support you to plan and propel your business to new heights.

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