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Hi, I'm Heather Beckett - the founder of BPO...

After a successful career working in both SMEs and large corporations I became aware of the importance and value of strategy.  I realised that SMEs generally don’t have the resource and sometimes the awareness that make the larger companies more successful. 


From my experience this is due to a deficiency in SMEs strategic capacity, mindset and sometimes capability, results in efforts being focused, primarily, on the operational day to day. 

According to a Constant Contact study of over 1000 business, it was found that 65% of SMEs only plan 1 year ahead. 

Having a disproportionate focus on day to day activities, can pose significant risks to business productivity, growth, customer satisfaction and ultimately the business sustainability.  This I know will cause many a sleepless night for senior management, they will be firefighting, appeasing whoever shouts loudest as the priority; they will witness business stagnation and experience frustration!

'more proactive, less reactive'

For these reasons, and because I know that there is another way, I help businesses to become more strategically focused, ensuring everyone within the organisation is oriented towards and contributing to one clear vision.


I do this through taking what I have learnt whilst working in both SME and large corporations in the areas of strategy, project and change management, and by applying systematic, holistic approaches inspired by my interactions with blue-chip consultancies to enable directors to be more proactive and less reactive.

Some kind words from people we've helped...

Heather is an experienced and professional programme manager. My team and I enjoyed working with her across a number of high profile Transformation Projects.


She helped us to define a clear vision and spent a lot of time working through the best approach to deliver them. I also really appreciated the positive interaction with my team to ensure that we kept on track to reach our objectives in the required timescales. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heather.

Head of Retail Development