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QUICK TIPS: Stress Management & The Power of Breathing

I came across a thought-provoking statement by Stephen Bartlett: "A quiet mind learns better, observes better, and acts better." This wisdom underscores the importance of tranquility in enhancing our learning, observation, and decision-making abilities.

Every day, we encounter various stressors – traffic during the school run, challenging conversations with team members, public speaking, or even unfortunate incidents like dropping a 2-liter carton of milk just before delivering a presentation (speaking from personal experience here...). In these moments, our breathing often becomes shallow, our heart rate rises, and our minds race. Equipping ourselves with the right tools is essential to cultivate a calm mind in business and life in general.

One profoundly effective and accessible tool is breathing, a natural ability inherent to all humans. It stands out as a remarkably simple yet highly impactful technique, especially in high-stress situations.

Harvard Professor Andrew Huberman sheds light on the art of harnessing the power of breath, emphasising the effectiveness of a physiological sigh. This seemingly basic act, when practiced mindfully, has the potential to transform our responses in stressful situations, enabling us to navigate challenges with poise and clarity.

Make this the most useful 5 minutes of your day and click on the link below.

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About the author.

Hi, I'm Heather Beckett - the founder of BPO. I help small business owners to think, plan and act more strategically.


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