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Invest in learning and growth for FREE...

When the purse strings tighten, training and development budgets often disappear, with funds redirected towards sales and marketing or worse still removed all together.

Ensuring your employees have the right skills and competencies is vital to the delivery of value to your customers, contributes to the satisfaction of your workforce and to the achievement of business objectives.

Have you heard of the Balanced Business Scorecard?

The Balance Business Scorecard (BBS) is a strategic planning and management tool which emphasis the importance of both financial and non-financial performance measures across four business perspectives:

  • Financial

  • Customer

  • Internal process

  • Learning and growth

Value flows from your employees through processes and interactions, to your customers who in-turn reward your business financially. Everything is interconnected!

Learning and growth perspective

Investing in learning and growth has many benefits, here are a few:

  • Increased employee competency and efficiency resulting in increased customer satisfaction and business profitability

  • Increased job satisfaction resulting in improved employee retention (avoiding recruitment hassle, recruitment costs and reduced productivity due to the learning dip)

  • Increase brand perception due to a satisfied workforce, increasing the eNPS score (Employee Net Promotor Score)

  • Keep up with the competition and stay ahead of the game.

Here is how you can invest in the training and development of your staff for FREE

If during these unprecedented times you have found your training and development funds cut, here are some FREE badged courses provided by the Open University.

There are 67 courses available, most of which take 24hrs to complete.

Here at BPO we have compiled a list of 12 business related courses which may be of interest to you:


  • Digital thinking tools for decision making

  • Digital skills: Succeeding in a digital world

  • Introduction to cyber security

  • The digital scholar


  • Effective communication in the workplace

Leadership & Management

  • Understanding mental capacity

  • Facilitated learning in practice

  • Leadership and follow ship

  • Working in diverse teams

  • Risk management

  • Entrepreneurship - From ideas to reality


  • Understanding your sector

TIP: Why not ask course participants to prepare a 15-minute presentation to capture what they have learnt, along with recommendations for how the business could benefit through taking action. The individual can then deliver a masterclass, sharing their learnings with the rest of your team. These next steps will not only solidify the learning of individuals taking part in the course but also ensure learnings are passed to the wider team and your business. WIN, WIN, WIN.

Would you like to learn more about the Balanced Business Scorecard and how it can help your business? Click here to complete our contact form and let's have a virtual coffee. It's FREE


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