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What does high performance mean to you?

Mel Marshall featured as a guest on the high-performance podcast presented by sports broadcaster Jake Humphrey and organisational psychologist Professor Damian Hughes.

Each guest is asked the question “what is high performance?”

Mel’s answer will change the way you approach business, life and people in general. But before I share what she said, let’s learn more about Mel…

Mel Marshall is a coach of elite swim athletes and currently holds the position of Loughborough National Lead Coach. Mel has overseen Adam Peaty's rise to the top of the international swimming stage, coaching him to gold medal success at every level (Olympic, World, European, Commonwealth and British).

Before becoming a coach, Mel had her own successful career as a swimmer and won six medals at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and Bronze at the World Short Course Championships in 2008. Mel has been awarded an MBE for her services to swimming and charity; and achieved the title of British Swimming Coach of the Year.

Like all High Performance Podcasts guests, Mel was asked the question what is high performance?

Here’s her response…

“High performance is the outcome, how you get high performance is about the process. It’s finding, evolving and delivering the best version of yourself, your culture and your people every single day at a sustainable short-term and long-term pace.” Mel Marshall

Too often in life and business we rush to finish. How many times have you rushed a job or cut corners on a task or project? How did this impact the result? Has the same mistake been repeated time and time again?

Investing in the process creates opportunity for personal and team growth, continuous improvement, long-term relationship building and the chance to positively influence the outcome. Compromising on process quality can have long-lasting and wide-reaching implications.

So, if High performance is the outcome, and the process of how you get there is the interesting part of the journey, take the time to invest in high quality processes and achieve your desired outcome.

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