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Team Meeting
 Think, Plan & Act.

Package £399 excl. VAT


1:1 Facilitated Planning.

Running a business can often feel like a juggling act, managing a myriad of tasks simultaneously. This constant flurry of activities can create a heavy mental burden, leaving you feeling inundated and struggling to prioritise tasks or guide your team effectively. It's as if you're stuck on a relentless treadmill, unable to pause and think strategically before taking action.

But fear not, because the solution is right here! Introducing our transformative 2.5-hour focused Planning Session.

At BPO, we truly understand the challenges you're facing. Our focused Planning Session is meticulously crafted to offer you tailored guidance and unwavering support, whilst balancing the time pressures felt. We specialise in lightening the mental load, helping you establish clear priorities, and developing achievable plans that perfectly align with your vision for your business.

Imagine saying goodbye to that overwhelming feeling and embracing a business that operates with newfound organisation and efficiency.

Business Growth

Personalised Guidance: We will understand and assess your unique situation and provide tailored support.

Business ideas

Goal-Oriented approach: Whether you're overwhelmed or goal-driven, we'll help to define your priorities and pinpoint high value activity to achieve your goals.


Closely look at the business

Actionable Plans: You won't leave with just ideas; you'll have a concrete plan created by BPO ready for you to implement.

I had the pleasure of working with Heather Beckett from BPO Consultancy, and I cannot recommend her enough. She provided invaluable support and guidance during a particularly hectic time for my business.

Heather's approach was truly bespoke and tailored to my needs, which gave me the clarity I needed to communicate my vision and focus on my priorities. She acted as a sounding board and helped me create an action plan that left me feeling more confident and excited about the future of my business.

Director of Business

Here to support you...



I'm Heather Beckett, the face behind BPO, and I'm on a mission to empower small business owners like you.

I'm deeply passionate about enhancing leadership capabilities, optimising business performance, and fostering long-term growth. Nothing excites me more than guiding you away from the busy day-to-day challenges, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture - your business.

Being your support system during moments of questioning, reflection, and growth is both an honour and a pleasure.


  • NVQ Level 7 Strategic Leadership & Management

  • Experienced Mentor, Facilitator and Business Owner

  • Chartered Manager CMgr MCMI

  • Proficient in both Large and Small Business Dynamics

If you're a small business owner striving for optimised performance and sustained growth, I extend a warm invitation to join me for a planning session. Together, let's unlock your full potential and elevate your business to unparalleled heights.


  • Free 30-minute discovery session

  • 2.5-hour online facilitated session

  • Tangible action plan created by BPO

  • Fixed price guaranteed 


  • Increased clarity, confidence and control

  • Improved decision making

  • Optimised resource allocation

  • Improved time management

Why choose BPO?

Business checklist

Proven track record for delivering results

Handshake, confidence and trust

Client focused and flexible

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Pragmatic and involved management consultant

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Transfer of knowledge, frameworks and expertise


BPO clients routinely gain enhanced clarity, increased motivation, and a profound sense of control after discussions.

Take the first step towards empowerment - Start a conversation now.

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